Patti Armbrister at Mike’s Green Garden with the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast | Fortine, MT


Apple Tree Pruning Lesson 2

This one’s crossing this so we want to get rid of this? And get rid of this too? If they are all crossing and getting in trouble yes. In the winter when you start cutting them out, cut the biggest problem one first and think how do I open it up so everyone get’s photosynthesis?

The 3 Foot Rule of Fruit Tree Pruning

Pear Tree Pruning Video 1

Apple Tree Pruning Lesson 2 with Patti Armbrister the Wise Grower Guru at Mike’s Green Garden with Jackie Marie Beyer host of the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast

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In the MiniFarm:

Potatoes look fantastic! More mulch you got! Look really nice and healthy!


Yeah and when the mulch decomposes by the end of the year it turns into compost. You’re making compost down below here, improving the soil, microbes and worms all that increases having that mulch on there plus no weeds right because the weeds need sun to germinate. We’ve never had this many potatoes before. They’ll be a good product to have! When the peas come out, put in something for the fall.

Start broccoli seeds in July indoors for fall harvest.

Plant broccoli on the fourth of July. Or sprinkle on the ground and see when Mother Nature will bring them up.

Soil Food Web Explained by Wise Grower Guru Patti Armbrister

They eat root exudates from the plant doing photosynthesis it’s leaking sugars and carbohydrates out and they love it just like we love watermelons!

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