3 things I learned from my interview with Ron Kamen Solar Energy | Electric Cars | Geothermal Heating | Awesome EarthKind Podcast |

So Ron and I talked for a long time about ways to save our planet using solar panels to power our homes, electric cars to solve our transportation woes, and geothermal heating to tackle our winter needs.

Listen to the full interview here at the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast 

I was surprised to hear how many changes have come along. I thought Ron started out in the beginning comparing solar innovation with cell phone innovation. Everyone has a smart phone these days, but 20 years ago, it seemed like only rich people had them. And now it’s our major way of communicating.

Well solar is becoming more and more prevalent everywhere, my brother even got solar panels installed last fall. There are all sorts of different options out there depending on where you live, what your financial situation is, and what opportunities are being offered in your area. There are many tax credits depending on your situation.

Ron will help you figure these out if you contact him, his Facebook is answering questions to help you get the right solution for your unique situation.

After talking to Ron I was also surprised to see how many affordable electric car options where were even in our rural area. And let me tall you as someone who drives a lot and has purchased probably a half dozen cars just in the last 10 years, I have shopped for electric/hybrid options and he’s right things have really changed and prices have really come down.

The third thing Ron surprised me with, was learning that St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City found the best option for their heating solutions was to dig down 2000 feet under the city for a geothermal heating option.

As someone who has a 560′ well I can imagine what that must have been like. But most people don’t need to dig that far. I was excited to hear this because we would love a geothermal greenhouse, but I thought they had to be dug out not down.


I think you will enjoy hearing all of Ron’s passion, enthusiasms and most of all his plea for American’s to take action and help save our planet now. He’s full of knowledge and resources and ready to share! Check out the Awesome Earth Kind Podcast and leave him a review so others can hear it too!




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