First Spring planting 2021

Well this is it I guess! First seedlings in the ground I’m scared to even look and see if everything froze last night or not!

This week Mike planted the raspberries I ordered and I mulched them with the straw I used for the chickens all winter.

Mulching the raspberry bed

Then last night I planted half dozen broccoli 🥦 starts that are about six inches tall at most so delicate!

I dug holes and filled them with water,

Let it soak in and planted the starts in this deep bed that gets the most sun in our garden 🌞

I mulched with straw and then covered the broccoli starts with row cover

Seeds Mike collected
Good Seed Co lettuce seeds

I still want to plant some radishes but I was too cold 🥶 and maybe kale and cilantro? In the same bed but I will it’s supposed to be sunny this week but then it might get cold again yet

Arugula starts make the inside of the peace sign

Black seeded Simpson lettuce makes the outside of the circle.

We will see if it germinates and we will see if anything grows! It still seems early but they might do ok?

Today I also planted new broccoli 🥦 seeds in the house so ill have some backup. Did I just write a whole post about how many plants I’ve already killed this year? Hahahaha 🙃

How’s your garden growing?

2 thoughts on “First Spring planting 2021

  1. I planted out fava bean, cabbage, baby Napa cabbage, and sweet pea plants yesterday. Seeded radishes, carrots, kohlrabi, beets, and pak choy. The shallots, onion sets and peas are starting to sprout in rows, and the snow peas are already 2″ tall! A good beginning, if we don’t get a hard freeze! Only planting areas that I will be able to cover.

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    • Oh Carolee! I am just seeing this now! Sounds like you have lots of great things growing. I love fava beans. They’re big, easy to plant and are so good for your soil. Do you want to do an interview sometime and share with my audience sounds like you have a lot going on! You can always email me at and I’ll send you info!


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