When Just The Right Book Shows Up In Your Lap

At just the right time

3 reasons you should buy Dr. Bronners Hemp Castille soap

1. It’s fair trade

2. It’s made with hemp

3. It’s good for the environment

Honor thy label was sent to me with a sample bottle of dr bronners peppermint Castille soap. Even though I have a bottle of his baby soap Mike uses for his plants he gave me to wash something with maybe my veggies at the beginning of the pandemic I can’t even remember cause it’s been sitting there unused for months the peppermint they sent I put in a spray bottle I find I use almost daily around the rest of my house

It’s been great for dog messes on the rug and replacing my lavender bathroom spray in the bath.

The book answers my lingering question I’ve been trying to find out about the coconut 🥥 phase everyone’s been going through that I thought would be a short fad back when I first heard about it in 2009 on a train ride this kid told me you want to lose weight just eat a spoonful of coconut oil a day. Idk if it’s true but my BFF is skinny as a rail and she uses it all of the time

My hesitation to embrace the beloved coconut oil has been can coconut’s be environmentally sustainable? How are they grown? where do they come from? they’re certainly not local. But I love cooking with coconut milk I’ve made some delicious soups with yams and garbanzos and tofu the last couple of winters

When Mike and I were inundated with potatoes 🥔 (my fault entirely for buying too many potato seeds last spring) I bought a french fried and in an effort to eat healthier we decided to run an expensive taste test

Avocado oil

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Which made the best French fry?

But what I learned in my frying pan coconut oil is expensive but it also takes way less than the other fats to cook things like pancakes or veggie browns etc and it really crisps things up

It definitely has a particular flavor on the sweet side that you have to decide do I want this food to taste like this but also goes better with more foods than you would imagine

Best of all after reading the honor thy label book the answer is yes it can be harvested fair trade for a small premium increase making it good for the farmer and Mother Earth 🌍

Finally on a completely different and perhaps more disgusting note my listeners frequently hear me say once you have an outhouse the thought of going in The house is revolting 🤢🤮 esp #2

But on a recent visit to my moms where there is obviously no outhouse I splurged on a bottle of lavender dr bronners made a giant bottle of spray cause it’s concentrated let me warn you I got enough for the rest of my visits in this lifetime I am already loving it. I spray the toilet seat wipe with my “paper feeling “ toilet paper that I love and she hates toss and do a second flush which in her low flush environmentally friendly water saving toilet is a must anyway and then must the shower and smile as I walk out the door!

Hope this Mother’s Day is a special one for you too!

Happy Mother 🌍 Earth 🌎 Day too!

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