Tomatoes starts should focus on root growth

This week on grow live i asked Patti if i should take the flowers off of the tomatoes and she said year they need to focus on root growth right now and Mike heartily agreed so when we put them in the ground next week after danger of frost is minimal they will grow big and strong 💪 !

2 thoughts on “Tomatoes starts should focus on root growth

  1. If the tomatoes are out in the garden should I pinch the flowers? Or only when they are in the greenhouse waiting for their forever home?

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    • Sorry I am just seeing this now! I hope you found an answer! I think once you transplant them it’s probably ok to let them flower. I know where we are we want them to produce as soon as possible so they have time to ripen in the fall because we can get a killing frost as early as August, but it’s also important to have strong plants.
      Idk if this helps?!


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