Fourth of July update 2021

The audio version of this post starts out raving about three great reads from Chelsea Green Publishing including my favorite read of 2021 so far Leah Penniman’s amazing memoir about Soul Fire Farm which combines African American history – the real story with farm techniques every gardener and market farmer should know as well as some religion/spiritual stories, songs to sing, advice on education and working with students and sooo much more! Just love this book so much!

Then there’s Jesse Frosts book coming out July 20th and Alan Bergo’s boom out now! Lots of amazing reads from my favorite publisher (now that Rodale’s is gone they moved from 2nd to number 1)

Then I talk about what’s needed in the garden this summer and all the lessons I’ve learned with this landscaping job I took on. The amazing thing with this job is how confident I am with exactly what this person should be doing but I have lived in Montana for a long time now and I definitely know the new homeowner learning curve!

Especially from a gardeners perspective! Start small! This year I’ve probably killed almost as many plants as I’ve grown!

I’m still eating on this arugula from spring
Mike picked these yummy radishes yesterday
The mini farm growing strong
My zinnias snapdragons and marigolds container garden 🪴
See my arugula growing strong it liked the greenhouse finally had to move it cause it’s just 🥵 too hot in there

My San marzano Roma tomatoes 🍅 for sauce and salsa growing strong

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