Soil Sista Saturday

My new co-host and GFF (garden friend forever) Aileen Catrone and I started a new bonus post for the summer called Soil Sista Saturday (to be posted on Friendship Fridays). Anyway. I talked about this recipe I made from the Drew Barrymore Show.

I love this arugula bed outside my kitchen door. And you can’t even hardly tell what I harvested.

I also talked about this delicious salad I made from a blog post I saw. I’m not usually a fan of cooking shows but this one caught my eye. This recipe for salad dressing and yummy salad was too good to stop watching. I would never think of putting basil and spinach in my dressing like that. Also where do I get a knife like that? I love this chef too what a great way she explains how to do everything!

And it was a great way to use some of my fresh basil growing in my windowsill! I ended up with a pint of salad dressing that I’ve been enjoying all week! So good.

Aileen shared her challenges with growing tomatoes and a delicious recipe her husband has been making with tomatoes and eggplants.

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