168. Judy Frankel | In Search of the Next P.O.T.U.S.: One Woman’s Quest to Fix Washington (In Search of a Popular America)

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In Search of the Next P.O.T.U.S.: One Woman’s Quest to Fix Washington (In Search of a Popular America)

I’m very very excited to talk to my guest today because she’s as passionate about politics as I am. So welcome Judy Frankel!

You’re in Oregon right?

I’m in Southern L.A.

Tell us about yourself.


How do we connect with you?

pledgeforhonestcandidates page.

In Search of the Next P.O.T.U.S.: One Woman’s Quest to Fix Washington (In Search of a Popular America)

I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania believe it or not, and I have the farm genes in my genes… so my dad got me passionate about gardening and eating those unbelievable tomatoes, you just can’t buy those tomatoes in the supermarket, move out to California it was because I wanted warm weather all year wrong, so when I tried to grow them on a balcony

When I met my first master gardener, took the 10 week course, and passed the test, and you have to do a bunch of volunteering, but then I moved to Massachusetts, and took it again there… but totally changed tracks because the 

zone is completely different…

California is all about growing food … their mission is to teach low income families to grow your own… in Massachusetts you can’t do that because their growing season is only 3 months long for food … I struggled to grow food in Massachusetts.

You can do it in Montana if you have a greenhouse. take your plants inside, you can manage, with hoop-houses… So I am familiar with both kinds of gardening. 

My specialty is helping people grow fruit trees. I 

  • sell
  • irrigate
  • prune
  • train
  • fertilize
  • vineyards
  • roses

I’m a big pruner…

That’s what I end up doing most of the time. I got into the political stuff which has a lot to do with gardening.

I went to L.A. (spring 2016) My husband’s a news junkie and we were watching the French news, I want to say they were saying that even though vineyards are only 3% of the farmland they get like 27% of the chemicals.

What listeners want to know about roses…

hard to teach it on a podcast

if you know how to prune roses

great start into pruning

heading cut

thinning cut

pruning to an outward facing buds

center of tree

will block the light for center of other branches

sometimes you prune to an inward facing bud

thing to know if your learning pruning


What pesticide are they using?

What are their main pests

we don’t have a problem with dusting your crop with suffer


are really ok, to add to your mix

integrated pest management

least toxic thing first

last year and a half



banned roundup in their country

banned it for streets and parks

didn’t ban it for agriculture

found it was toxic enough they didn’t want it in their regular spaces

started using a technique that vineyards use to kill weeds

high temperature steam

really just water


spray practically right up to the vine, don’t want to get too close

interesting way of dealing the weeds

doesn’t work on perennials

dandelions are annuals

spread by seed

probably works on them

if you have a small yard

you can handle maybe handpicking dandelions

only garden 6500 square feet

most of it that is not covered with grass is covered in mulch and I can

if you have a yard and you can’t handle dandelions

go ahead and pick them out by hand

if you yard gets too big

they get ahead of them

don’t worry about a few dandelions

get used to mowing your grass and pulling the heads off as soon as you see a flower

if you don’t let it get to the seed stage it’s gonna be ok…


money out of politics because we know it can corrupt

get roundup out of the food supply

learning about what it does in body…

gets so far into the weeds sometimes… talks really fast… she’s just brilliant

one is, its basically an antibiotic

kills the beneficial bacteria in the gut and in the soil

making aromatic




melatonin helps you sleep at night

killing the gut bacteria

a lot of depression and insomnia

besides killing the


multi billion

that’s because your constantly

if you are not eating organic

it’s very hard to get food without glyphosate

even if you are not taking an antibiotic for a cold or flu

your still having to worry about getting it in your everyday food

probiotic food business

one thing…

that links to things like colitis, leaky gut, gluten intolerance

then the other thing that glyphosate does

its a chelate?

grabs onto minerals

and some are essential to normal body function… this is where I’m gonna defer to Stephanie Seneff

her youtube videos are wonderful

chelates with a necessary mineral

normally make it possible to take toxins out of your gut

everything becomes more toxic

presence of glyphosate

another food item


is a really interesting chemical

that the food industry loves


can be hiding

having nothing to do with glyphosate

glutamate is a flavor enhancer

turns off the part of the brain that

whatever it is the glutamate

its because they are adding this chemical

its in everything

why wouldn’t they add it

its gonna make you want to eat more

we’re eating

something like 50 names

great list that has all the things that have glutamate

if your a label reader

you can say

lactic acid…

what it does

why it’s so bad in your system

it’s a nero toxin


high levels in autistic children

1-2 punch

glyphosate makes impossible to get rid of glutamate

if you have a child with autism

you know that glutamate is a big no,no you should stop eating

the other thing about roundup

there’s a lot of evidence, or a straight line

they are both neurotoxins

neurological disorders

glyphosate you should not eat it, if you are worried about getting alzheimer’s, or parkinson

I get really P.O.’d

why do they even put it in our food in our

I tell this joke

what did we call food before

we things were

people should be mad not that their organic…

has genes in it,

the bt is inside the phoneme of the corn

there is no way to wash it off


when it used to be sprayed on the crops…

it was it’s own thing

it was contained

when you take the genome and shoot it into the corn

they have not done tests on what it does to the human body


genetic modification

show me the studies that prove it

we haven’t done any long term

plenty of studies that show the animals

IDK very possible that it is not good for us

haven’t proven

GMO corn floating around

sweet corn is not gmo

only feed the gmo to the animals

‘part and parcel of your meat now

the fact that it’s sprayed with round up the corn

soaks into the tissues

every part of that corn plant

has glyphosate

doesn’t just flush out of their system

actually get’s into the blood stream and tissue and then were eating it in the meat

unless your meat is grass fed

corn finish

grass finish

Chia sources

fat of the milk, is what has all the hormones and chemicals

I love butter

what I have lately been doing

find oatmeal that is not sprayed with roundup

they don’t have gmo oats

they’re growing the oats like normal

they will dry them

if you spray them with roundup

you don’t have to worry about a rain that

crop failure

then they harvest it…

but you think, oatmeal’s a healthy food

I’ll bet if you

Quaker’s oats

if you put it through glyphosate

would be high

grown as oatmeal

oat farmers are using this method

I called

we went I went to my sprouts

my daughter’s urine came back high in glyphosate

you can have your blood, urine and breast milk

off the charts

here I am growing this organic food

I realized that I am eating oats






I think they have

non-gmo things that are sprayed really heavily at the end of my lifespan

it’s not organic

but maybe it’s not sprayed

took me about 3 months

they went to their distributer

go back to their manufacturer

that company had to go back to the farmer

when I finally got my answer

yes they spray it with

1/3 of what we eat

breakfast morning meal

not the least of which

get’s cupcake at school… with wheat

unless I just tell them

only kid sitting there without the birthday thing…which kills me!

Now I am buying organic only oats…

it’s at least 50% if not 4 x

I can now almost be sure

I am eating a ton of glyphosate

then I get organic only

between 2009-14…

we’ve sprayed 527million pounds of roundup….just in the United States

toward that end of that period

the farmers were complaining the Roundup wasn’t killing the weeds enough

Monsanto went back to the FDA

300 million pounds per year

we are getting a deluge

the other thing about roundup

recently as 2014

World Health Organization declared that it was a carcinogen

Bayer the company who bought Monsanto is thinking glyphosate is on it’s way out… so they are trying to sell as much glyphosate as they can over the next 5 years…

we’re all gonna have alzheimer’s…

I am saying

Back in 2011, I had one of those life changing events, I got divorced, I had to cobble together a career, if you could be successful …

If you knew you cow;don’t fail

my choice was to fix the government

of all the things people say

it’s such a mess

I thought Obama was doing a terrible job

there’s no way I was gonna vote for him in 2012

he did everything

everything you hoped he would do

part of the Fiza act to take away Habeas Corpus

NSA blew up you have no privacy

thing that just goest beyond everything else

just pick people off with the drone program

no judge, no jury,

judge jury and executioner

if you are going to do that in other places around the world…

A lot of the things that Obama was doing back in 2011, I was making this decisions

Obama, kept as appointees, head of the EPA, FDA,

monsanto, cronies…

it was just keeping

Bush people in all these agencies that are supposed to be supervising protecting us, making it easier for the companies to poison us, so I was unhappy for them

Michelle would talk about how we should grow food and have organic this and have green leafy vegetable and behind our backs pointing our

Bernie was always on the right side on the food issue

let’s label the food

label the GMOs

tell people that it’s made with ingredients

when we’re looking for the president

people who are the head of these agencies who protect us to the food that we eat

I decided that I am going to put together a website of people who

who has taken a pledge to get money out of politics

the pledge had 3 parts to it


big influence

amendment to the constitution


his amendment would overturn citizen’s united, and electoral college

pass the american anti-corruption act

hosted online by represent.us

anyone can pass it in any state

2 main parts of it,

if you pass it in your municipality

none can take more then $500 as a donation

you can’t turn around and become a lobbyist

so it stops the revolving door

passed in 14 cities

North Dakota had it on the ballot

everywhere it’s on the ballot it seems to pass


3rd part of this pledge

probably the most important as if those weren’t important enough

back to paper ballots, counted in public so we can video tape them

we have established that the black ballots are totally regale

illegitimate and not to be trusted

the third part

pledge for honest candidates

fix some of the issues around voting

approval voting

winner takes all type of elections

most votes wins

if you a have 2 really good candidates

the person who’s not so good can win if the other

you can vote for who you want

you can vote for 2

stops the spoiler effect

we;ll never get another president

2 parties are totally corrupt

anybody get into office

easily held at gunpoint

we;ll start killing your family

if you don’t toe the industrial military complex’s line

we have some big forces out there

we have to get congress that works

much harder to pick off 1/2

It’s called

In Search of the Next POTUS


a true story

it tells how all these pieces work, and its told in a very personal story

Sure, there’s a chapter in my book, about what it is,

there’s a movie about how horrible Hillary would be as a president

some people complain

it’s against the McCain Feingold act which had been passed

a lot of organizations who are shady

fought it all the way to the supreme court

we should be able spend money any way we like, and put any word out there the way we want

Citizen’s united

was able to prevail

corporations with their unlimited money

unions can spend as much money as they want

this is not good for democracy


from only the wealthy interests

for ex

state of California

prop 37 that would have labeled GMOs

all the big industries, Monsanto, all the way to Pepsi-Co. Pepsi, Coke, are all sweetened with high fructose corn syrup

6million to fight against it

they won

by the air of their chin chin

confuse voters

it’s gonna cost so much

they already label all the food that goes into Europe

they have to do it for Europe

or that it will be more expensive

it’s that they know

that actually started a long time ago…

Buckley v. Vallejo

the supreme court decision is that money is speech

if you didn’t have Buckley V Vallejo

paved the way for Citizen’s United

the corporation is the

where the rights of a person

fi we didn’t have the same rights as people

part and parcel of the Citizen’s United

have to make an argument


3 pieces to that decision

not very boring

chapter about citizens United

legal reasoning

big problem with abandoning this

corporations do not have the same rights as people do

there are so many laws on the books about corps having rights… in order to reverse it…you would have to get rid of a whole bunch of precedents

Craig Clevidents

he is brilliant

wrote a

renew democracy amendment

Curious what your listeners want to know….

different tangental topics that

aren’t we all invested in food …

one of my specialties is


I would tell people my speciality is nectarines and peaches…


that your talking about the apples

certain apples

only grow on the tips of their branches

spur baring everywhere else

spur barring

short thick twigs

wrinkly right there, bark is overlapping itself

spurs are really important

every year they will get fruit off the same spot

only prune

straight up branches doing absolutely nothing fruit wise

varieties that bare on the tips

fuji and green granny smith

tip baring

don’t want to prune the tips on those…

spread them out over the nice are

imagine looking at it from the sky


North south, east west quadrants

everything should fit in between

don’t have branches that over lap each other

by the way

apple tree is the opposite of pruning style form peaches

tip baring

certain apples only bear on the tips

just have to know that or else your gonna cut

fuji, and granny are tip bearing….

asian pear that is tip bearing

NY is big apple country

crips pink is another tip baring

sport of pink lady…


Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden.

trapping gophers…

seed fruit


recently had a black hole type of trap disappear

after the gopher gets caught in there…

the whole trap  gets stolen

raccoon like to eat

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden.

Hard to beat pruning roses… the smell

delightful activity

where do I begin

I belong to the rose society

meet people

and learn about roses

in your area join it…

Idk what to say, its a total passion

once you’ve grown something successfully

IIDK how people can have just the one

ice berg roses

are so boring

don’t have any smell to speak of

I have a few in my garden

I like the variety

also food



What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

The best gardening advice came from this one book

how to grow more vegetables, fruits, nuts berries, on less land then you can imagine…

John Javins, ultimate guide on bio-intensive gardening

that is the best place

double digging

don’t recommend it anymore

good experience

a lot when I first started garden

a lot of appreciation for not walking on your beds

once you’ve double …

companion planting, I really got into it, certain plants like to live next to each other and can have a symbiosis

never plant a tomato plant without putting basil next to it

another tip I couldn’t live without out

if you have a problem with aphids

alyssum – attracts the surfeit fly

their babies eat aphids

even the aphids

best thing to have

a variety in your garden

your attracting bees

your attracting beneficials

brought in the decollate snails

have a long shell, gets skinnier cone shaped shell

they go after the bad snails…

encourage the predators, sometimes

comes in purple and white

here’s the other thing about aphids, if you have a plant that is attacked by them, it’s because the on they attacked was weaker

self seeds… not at all invasive,

would never recommend a plant

very nice scent…

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be.

OMG, Idk what it’s called, it has like a triangular head, at  lethal angle, it’s a great weeder, but also a great way to scratch the fertilizer into the fall, sharp weeding tool…  same triangular on a long handle

I’m always getting down into the base of the plant

take that pointy edge and get under the root of the weed and pull it out, almost precision

the other one is the short handled rake…

same kind of times that are flexible…

clean around a rose bush or tree

don’t want to leave the leaves under the peach tree especially

hold a lot of spores

want to get dead leaves

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

I have these favorites for the summer… winter




So easy

do’t even have to write it down

blanch cauliflower

steam it,

throw it in a pan, on some sizzling garlic,

then pour a cup of red wine, burgundy wine

reduce the wine

the wine and it’s all in there and the cauliflower picks up al that red flavor throw



with rice

parmesan …

eggs in a basket

it was a heavier,

Animal, Vegetable Kingsolver…


zucchini orzo


make some orzo pasta

throw the two together

look up zucchini orzo

the other eggs in a nest

my favorite recipe for making swiss chard

for vegetarians… who eat eggs…

I do a few other things in the summer time

when I have extra eggplant, tomatoes

hot peppers

roast in olive oil

roast garlic on a tray

food process it, it’s called Eggplant Caponata

so good

serve it as a dip/ pita bread

roast vegetables…

garlic recipe

if you take a whole bunch of garlic

bulbs break into cloves

10 garlic bulbs

a lot of garlic

throw in a pot of boiling water

turn pot off, soak in hot water for 50 minutes

drain it and take all the paper off the garlic

put the garlic in a pot, cover with to the top of the garlic,

cheap olive oil

slutty olive oil

bring to a low boil for 30 minutes

amazing garlic you can add to all your recipes

soft and you can mash it,

it goes into

it’s the bomb!

not only do you have the garlic that is infused with oil, and the oil that is infused with garlic and two wonderful

any time easier

literally last for months…

Final question- if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

The number one thing I would do is ban these pesticides that are genetically modified that are used on crops, they are harmful to humans

the bacteria in the soil

those beneficial organisms in the soil

capture carbon in the air

mitigating factor in global warming

protecting humans from eating


Do u have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?

the thing that inspires the most people

is to be in the garden

see a beautiful garden

when your eating that food that you’ve grown

How do we connect with you?

pledgeforhonestcandidates page.

I’ll answer your questions

3 jobs right now.

do a lot of activism

to vote for my democratic delegate

change this democratic party

corrupt all the way at the top

just a delegate thing….

support behind people that you believe in

that will go to local


sending someone who is going to represent you and speak loudly and clearly…

if you go to pledges for honest candidates

list of

go to contact page

and tell me you want

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The Organic Gardener Podcast is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com

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