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Scott Mann host of the Permaculture PodcastThe Permaculture Podcast host Scott Mann! 


The Permaculture Podcast host Scott Mann shares his amazing journey into permaculture and podcasting in this must listen episode.

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So I ask myself today what lesson can I learn since all the work I did this weekend evaporated when my computer crashed yesterday. I am going to release it so I can listen on my way to work tomorrow and hope for the best. Sorry if there are any mistakes but I think Scott was an amazing guest you will enjoy hearing from unedited!

To see my unedited notes click here.

But I did put on my rose colored glasses on my way to work and ended up enjoying the sunny skies and beautiful Montana forests! Enjoy Green Future Growers! Here’s to technology challenges and hopefully better solutions! At least I didn’t lose my whole computer as I still have about 6 episodes in the bank to release!

Show notes coming someday!

I did want to make sure I include some important links Scott mentions. Two books and a website.

David Holmgren’s site and info at Permaculture Principles and the Poster Download that lists the principles to follow along as we talk.

David Holmgren’s book:

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability


Toby Hemenway’s

Toby Hemenway Permaculture

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up throughout the 80s and 90s

planning for the


when I was going to college

I interned t a govt facility

interns examining these problems

living in my college town

back to the land

disaster preparedness


community based options

led me to permaculture

building up the digital


was relatively difficult



music albums


didn’t have ready access so much

these ideas went into a back pocket

thinking about permaculture


caring of the earth

returning to the surplus

2007 or 8

tat I began looking for a perm

I could get the vacation

lifestyle crisis

didn’t allow me to go

permaculture design

2 21/5 weeks


found one being taught about an hour from where I was on weekends over 7 months

finishing my course

background in computer science


launch the perm

more then 550

a lot of my connection

land based focused

earliest memories

perry urban

edge of a city

western Maryland

wondering out to my parents

onions and strawberries

parents would talk about thisI would walk to t he e

those are the earliest things

father was a good mentor for me

taking me out hiking and camping


cub about

boy scout

interest and opportunities

friend so liked to spend time outdoors

indoors person

working in it

not seeing the sun

it called to me

permaculture podcast

graduate school

natural resource management

environmental education

what we’re these foundational moments

88 people

86 were looking to be park rangers and manager

almost everyone talked about having moments

kept them grounded to the other then hum

With the principals of permaculture

let’s start at the

I thank of permaculture

one of the founders

idea of this is that

we talk about it from a  land use perspective

how to we raise food



David hologram

quickly became how did we develop permanent culture


sustainable food systems

how can we design



fuel fun


that’s where it comes from

earth care

people care

limit population and consumption

one of

fair share

prefer return of surplus

kind of in that order

decisions that we are going to make

is the choice that were are going to be making

why are we doing it

care for people are around us

is what we are doing going to crate a a surplus to the world at large

composting our kitchen scraps and recycle those nutrients

yield in our lives

financially helping to organizations


taking my educational surplus

plenty who can’t go on to grad schools


recording all these interviews


sharing freely

wherever anyone can access these ideas


and then from there, there’s kind of a hierarchy




from author to author

12 principles


reminders when we are design

working on design

two hierarchical ideas



decamping strategies

when we look at principal

David holograms in particular

if people want to follow along and see the list

10ºC pretty nice sunny warm

5º- a couple of days ago

For anyone who would like to operated by Richard

the first principal

observe and interact

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

imagine what it is we would like to build or grow in that space


work on this vision

that’s where the interaction comes in

variety of strategies

talking with someone about what they would want to do with permaculture

design at the same time

ask them to sharing their goals

hearing what it is that they want to see happening around them


our techniques come in

where if we’re looking at a garden

where we are going to place

raised beds

double dug

discipline averrable in the world

no till


anything else that we may have


Gabriel reminds us you can’t work on an empty stomach

work in our climate

growing things we are going to eat

share with a neighbor

friends and family

harvest meal at the

And just to introduce

how can we bring all the different pieces of our home garden community together

what are the pollinators I can grow

central penn





parasitic wasps that take care of things like my tomato worms

around the edges at the end of your garden rows

I’ve Nebr. played with this much

predator confusion

other plants

not drawing them into monoculture

garlic and strawberries act as the ground cover

garlic comes up between those leaves

during jane or July

strawberries two weeks after our first hard frost in the spring October


propagate if I want to

let those dry

braid them put them up

immediately returning to cloves in the

growing almost perennial

break the bulb

put the bulb back in the ground

mesh frame

drying them traditionally

just as effective

good ground cover

strawberries or mulch


my 3 favorite




with a small patch

pint ot a

great to get those big strawberries

really look at ways I can maximize

harvest over the season



loved raising them


thought they were high enough

got one of those 100 year floods


observed flooding

before I started really putting in the garden

as the water course changed


enough to being enough

principle 12

creatively use and respond to change

we may walk onto the land

have an idea with what we want to do with it


no longer

parenting partner and children

how can we work in ways

new and different

see that through

up and away

area that was flooding

modify my design

one edge of my property

range of brambles

water flows through

catch a to of water

very water loving


I can swamp those

foot of water

twice as vigorous

hard cuttings

grow every well

permaculture is about any human system

friends and family


partner were not in a place we could continue our marriage

least destructive ways



worked with us together to find an amicable solution


we are no longer together

I don’t want people to not know of their case


Tasha Cluna

the permapixie

feels that we need to be thinking about a forth ethic

where do we fall in

pre millennial


Oregon tral generation

millennials after that

lives that we are living in this digital world

early 40s

largely lived a digital life

card catalog became a computer

grade school

computer came into the house 6th grade

uncle who worked for ATT

car phone



many of us

in this

millennial been z kind of world

need to know what all the options

big umbrella

applies to so many things

trained on permaculture

completely transform our societies

step back and use those ethics

consider the various principles

look at the ways we can live intentionally

the world we came from is not the

do some

takes of

my parents grew up with parents who had gone through the depressions

make sure theres a lot of food in the cabinet

disaster looming on the other side


because of access to resources

farmers markets have grown

tech has grown

my parents could never have dreamed of

parents instilled

permaculture in the beginning

making sure

once you meet your basic needs


regardless of what we have access to

grandson of poor appellation hillbillies

who could bring some food

all of how I am related to

grandmother frying chicken


slicing tomatoes

making tomato sandwiches

playing music till late in night



tickets see an amazing sow

do all those things too

all kinds of options

beautiful and available

world has to be

way that the world is

mid 40s and younger

cast off and rejected it

more then anything we have been told

connect with someone on the other said Entrepreneur On Fire the world

phone call

returned in Germany

made the world a lot smaller

shrink the world

makes Th. world a bigger place


live local

be within our biosphere

get something from our farmers market

access to everything around us

elders in australia

different beautiful cultures

invited in participate in celebrations in rich traditions

ability and opportunity

a bit brighter and more

as people live differently


when I think about permaculture in a landscape

what food we like to grow and things like that

first thing

front door to car door

places were going to move through regularly

stems from that idea

zone model

zones 0-5

in most instances

zone 00

that usually represents the self

0 is where you call home

zone 1

where your garden would be



where you’ll be tending to and harvesting almost every day

with those out

most visits


higher numbers

not going to visit as often

mentioning blueberries

shorter live perennials

zone 2

near our front door

place that we can get to relatively quickly

short hose to

walking through a couple of times a week

larger landscape we might have a zone 3


fruit trees

nut crops


goats or pigs

semi wild space

once a week

feed or move animals

growing live stock

more of a farm arrangement

timber trees

nut trees

things that are going to take a long time to develop and harvest from


sit to meditate


to do a little bit of foraging

wilderness not taking from as often


make sure its a space not being degraded or any harmed

help preserve that space

6 or seven zones

don’t all exist in a permaculture

zone 0 and 1

apartment dweller

how am I taking care of earth

recycling as much as possible

preserve water

share with a roommate

what am I doing

second ethic

people care

space as best I can so that it doesn’t impact him

doesn’t have to be concerned about

herbs in a pot when string comes

go pick those up in the spring

carry those herbs

compost with my children at the end of the year

hear in the space

large farm all 5 sone

have zones 0-2

shorter lived perennials

apply these things to where I am

how can we make the best use of them

foods we want to eat

not necessarily

does enjoy them

work though these ethics and principles

well versed in the ethics and pr

you can design anything

learn about

Gaia’s garden

perm pathways


will walk you through the core fundamentals

theory application

permaculture as gardening

toby’s book is a really great place to start

teaches you everything that you need to get off the ground

really like toby’s voice


permaculture city

more broadly

exploring over the past several years

not very good at growing things

might not be best use of your

paying someone who is really good at

graphic designers

marketing materials

great radio voice

local podcast

city your in


being permaculture being the best at your do

work on those areas you’re really good at

doing the things you are not good at

lots of people to grow food

sustainable future

climate change

need going


legal system

janitors and teachers

systems in specialization

whole of our society

be the best that we are

so our society

the best that they are



people fascinate me

integrate people into the landscape

spell of the

David abr.

what he was speaking to


what were these fundamental events that connected us with the world around us

talking to the people

threads that connect us

working with a client

proposed to many things

talking about these different pieces

time that we spent with each other

stepped back fora monument

one percent of things

care about our famines


focus on that

one of the dearest people Ive known in

our political views

what I continue to look at all of the pieces that we share around us



what are the p

how’d we

bring them into the fold

create something that is more amazing then it is


thinking about breaking down this idea of scarcity


continue this exploration of permaculture


what are the

impact their lives

model for others show them how they can be a difference

in 10 years we are goring to be in a place there

results in things that we can’t imagine now

I don’t see permaculture as the end of where we are going

place we don’t even know the name for now

social permaculture work

Ethan Hughes

apologize to everyone

possibility alliance

lived without gasoline

petrol oil


the changes of what they have made

model for others

where we can go

not where we are

lives could leave

very forgiving, healing us make better judgements without being judgmental

what he has done

lawyer gives up a giant luxury SUV

gets 3 miles a gallon better

living their lives more intentional

ethical and bring within the bounds of their life

work with Ethan to capture his story

leave my story into it

use tech everyday

written one email

now does not


phone line

because that’s their connection


that’s the cognition they need

maybe in 25 years

don’t have a computer

people face to face

what are the ways we can

resolve conflict

transform it

in these tense movements

make it bigger

resources that re not al


consider a future that is radically different where we are


handbook ideas of moving our lives never

bit b bit

day by day

living something completely new

what we have done

one of the first cars

got like 9 miles to the gallon

motor head

look at the way

pieces that he imparted in me early on

live differently then he did

driving my hybrid civic

fuel economy that I can get

tech they had

wondering nature

couldn’t ave imagined being there


always being on call

totally happy with it

living in the fight economy

$60k to

less then $6k

I couldn’t have thought that any of this would happen

I feel myself and many other people

gone down this road without knowing ow to get there

forged a past

curator of all this information

recording with 550 episodes in the podcast

made a difference


natural building


how to apply permaculture to the political space

changing peoples lives

regardless of what we are

kind of week that we care about

by making one choice today

reusable cup

one little thing can be the thing that makes the difference

the impact that this change has for you

ask what’s a chance that I can make that would care of the earth

people around for me

make today

create a yield I would return t the world

whatever we are

whatever we feel called to do

share that with others and

more beautiful for

great place that we call our home


really different people

things people that find

faith and earth care

3 episodes

about islam and earth care


american living in the uk

permaculture practice blend with his

within the koran examples of each care

come from the earth

care for this environment

that’s in there for folks

explore these different ideas

neer explored islam

god parents were jewish

because of that mystery

possibility handbook

Ethan Hughes conversations with him

with him

more about practically apply those years

toby hemminway

interview with hime about his second book about a permaculture city

David Holmgrown

cohost will be recording another one

latest book

retrofit a surbur


auto shower

theory organizational ideas

David bilker

regenerative business

to permaculture

great folks about talk to over the years

wide range of ideas

Joshua hughes

in my archives

conversations on his work

lives in costa rica

working on doing regenerative practices

investing in the rain forest

making a living for people who live there

intense permaculture in politics



transition to heart

people like Bernie and arc

who I care more to listen

resource management

conservative land base and resource use

bern Babies burn

coal and natural gas

finite resource

finite planet why would we do that to ourselves

talked about incorrectly

is not really about the green side

as an economic policy

that is green

natural resource law and looking oat it

best thing out there

until someone proposes

starting point to talk about this kind of stuff


ability to become more efficient

universal basic income

right now

investment tech

funding some of the worst things out there


if were giving people subsidies

take care of how are we going to take care

looking at things

talking about drug policies

people harmed because of draconian what actually builds up

what is dangerous

IDK that any of these

start asking ourselves and our life

what do we want to see

what do you want for people you care about

changes in day to day life

beautiful ideas

working through

once you start looking at the realm of permaculture

get in touch with me

what’s there

because there’s so much


subscribe only gonna get the last year or two

can’t ind it

feel free to get in touch with me


permaculture podcast

email me directly

show@permaculutrepodcast.com podcast

feel free to send me a text

phone call


the permaculture podcast

PO Box 16

answer people’s

contacts with just about anyone you want to get in touch with

most of the major publishers

I can’t connect everyone with everyone because of people s

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

How did you learn how to garden organically?


Tell us about something that grew well this year.


Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?


Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season.


Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden.


What is your favorite activity to do in the garden.


What is the best gardening advice you have  ever received?


A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be.


A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?


A favorite internet resource?


A favorite reading material-book, mag, blog/website etc you can recommend?


If you have a business to you have any advice for our listeners about how to sell extra produce or get started in the industry?


Final question- if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

waste and garbage

people are going out and cleaning up their beaches and parks

something I do with my son

several times of year

collecting that stuff out in our environment


gets that refuse out of those spaces

improve the 

helps to connect people with these places


keeps plastic out of our waterways

not saying we necessarily have to go out

can’t be recycled

out of all of these spaces

create the way we great food waste

reduce reuse

refuse and prepare

what are ways we can refuse to create waste int eh first place

last longer

if anyone’s familiar

buy it for life

products for like

last a lifetime


creating more waste

idea of

reduce reuse and recycle

repair what we have

having something like a cell phone that some people have

battery gets a little funky

repair center

use it for longer

recycling program at the end of life

learning something as simple as replacing a button

bodies change

seem let out or taken in

rather then buying something new

something people can do today

Do u have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?


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