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Feeling just so grateful to be in Montana.

Feeling kind of blessed just to be alive! Right? Gotta keep a good attitude!

We can be candid! My listeners always say Jackie don’t be so stuck to your script! I’m the one who likes my script!

Welcome to the GREEN Organic Gardener Podcast!

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday, March 25, 2020! I’m on spring break and managed to book as many guests as I could this week! So if you want to be a guest reach out to me! I’ve gotten a lot of new listeners since I was on the Melissa Norris Show followed by Jeff Lowenfells and then Jeff Ditchfield so there are probably a lot of new listeners who didn’t hear your first episode!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Dec 14, 2017.


Nov 17, 2017


Tell me about your first gardening experience?

I am the host of the Green Home Coach

gardening is not my best asset

part of my home

I got into grow boxes years ago

we found them

Scott just went out to the shed to make sure to

this is actually a company that specializes in these

  • 18-20 inches wide
  • feet long
  • 16 -18 inches tall
  • they have a reservoir on the bottom
  • we talked about that before
  • remembering to water
  • with this reservoir in the bottom
  • the roots of the plants go down so they draw the water up
  • bottom of the grow box that I buy

use a covering to keep the water in and the weeds out

I’be had good totems

Japanese eggplants

I always get energy zones

garden zones

who ever thought of that would have been harder

the number for energy efficiency it’s a different number

to see which one is which

considerably warmer

longer growing season

hoping we’re done with our frost for the year

light frost a few days ago

not unusual for us to have a pretty long growing season here

curious to see if we can take advantage of

time to help out with some of the gardening stuff

mediocre peppers

2-3 kinds of pepper

bell peppers

much better then the other

still lived in st louis

not done them correctly

this summer is really gonna be our first real test

we’re excited

nothing better then having that fresh tomato off the vine

family that I was birthed

leftover vegetables


love love

racing to buy lots of toilet paper

why are we hoarding toilet paper


maybe everyone is buying

carrying out supporting local restaurants

planning to get take out

Im gonna choose to look at this time as caching

everyday green home

I personally veteran

I use in my own hoe

if they don’t have ag been

green guard

product does

quicker way to


there are lots of people coming up with their own label

do a quick internet check

Certification by an independent third party

energy star

been around for decades

  • water sense
  • green seal
  • green guard
  • lower toxins
  • looking for products I want to represent or share with people

if they don’t have a label I have a process that I learned from doing green home certification

green home certification pretty high bar

cleaning is a great place to start

  • something we all do in our homes if we don’t we should
  • it is really easy to accidentally bring a lot of stuff into your house
  • chemicals that may add up
  • challenging
  • chemicals are tested

only look at one time that you are getting this certain level that is safe

repeatedly exposed to it

some kind of scent or fragrance

the levels that they are being tested on in one occurrence

I choose to take as many of these chemicals out of my home as I can

safer less toxic toilet cleaners

  • all purpose cleaner
  • laundry soap
  • personal care products

just about everything

less is more

as I use up stuff

simplify what I buy

3-4 cleaners in the past

looking to go to 2-3

Shabby Chick Cleaners

Please use Marla’s link to Shabby Chick via Green Home Coach to see/shop products. https://shabbychickcleaners.com/?p=rJsbV31gr coupon code greenhomecoach gets 15% discount.

  • woman owned business
  • won the SBA award
  • really cool

I have 2 cleaners

  • cleans everything
  • on my grease stove
  • shiny surfaces
  • alcohol based cleaner

that’s all I need is those two

if I want a scrubby powder

scrubby powders is bon ami

sometimes if you look at the back of your cleaners

scarier than you think

there are a ton of good cleaners

if you want to see how yours rates the Environmental Working Group

thats a great way to see if cleaners are towing the line

we’re already seeing a lot more choices

  • grocery stores
  • box stores
  • boutique cleaners
  • ton of options

then to boot

DIY natural cleaners you can make it yourself

  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • lemon juice

a lot of times

cleaning strength vinegar in my house


kill weeds

get things as organized as you can

it’s easier to clean

don’t beat yourself up


if you only get a little bit

move through your house


microfiber cloth that holds the cloth, dampen will help you pick up dust better

heat and cool filter for the vents

one of the tips at this company

when you are dusting or running the vacuum turn the blower fan on, this is brilliant

you’re stuf

you turn the fan on it will suck the particles out of the air

that has helped

we started doing that

each night before you go to bed to help clear the air

shoulder seasons

may not be running all the time

doesn’t run again before we go to sleep

turn your fan to on

keep it on auto

turn it on

air sucked up into your filters

turning that on when we dust helps

when I used a feather duster it just stirs up the dust

dusting is no.1 to me

dust mop

vacuum carpets

keeping your vacuum cleaned out is important

make sure you are not getting it too clogged up

if you have a lot of people in your house

beater bar

not a fun task

most vacuums have a bar like a dowel or cylinder with a brush that spirals around it when you adjust the height on your cleaner, they recommend turning it off if you have a deeper carpet, big shat

if we ran the beater bar

whipping down appliances

wiping bathrooms

dust the ceiling fans

even when your running the ceiling fans

but dust the ceiling fans if you have been using them in the winter

dust the light bulbs

spring cleaning

craziest thing

I have a self cleaning oven, I don’t like to use that feature uses the heat to bake off

shabby chick inside of my glass and microwave


stove I do a 2 step process

if we fry or salute anything

attract everything onto the base of the stove burners

cast iron grates

lift off this big heavy thing

I use the all purpose and grease off

get it shiny at the end

wipe down the front of your dishwasher



quick wipe with glass sand stainless cleaner

I love to open the windows and clean the track

a lot of ok dust ends up in our window tracks

one story house we can do the windows ourselves pretty quickly

first year we lived here, we just gave up

impossible to keep things clean on the outside


clean toilet with a separate rag


parts of house

save it for last

separate rag

I do not use paper towels to clean anything

flower sack



finer weave

so it doesn’t streak

microfiber cloth

tea towel

glass and mirrors

rag towels

throw them all in the washing machine


we have washable pads

dust mop and wet mop

quick load

Oh I want to do that, a long list of honey dos

I want to get got that

cleaning out closets


taking some time to get organized

spring cleaning

one of the big things

empty nester

laundry loads

when you are in your home more you tend to think about how well your home performs

how nice it looks

nothing to back this up

when we are in



now that we are

husband and I home because of medical issues

things about my house

I started going this could be better

layout of kitchen could be different

started list of things I want to change

or want when we move to another home in the future

what works well what would you like to work better

keeping that list things we need to address

great time to inspect

and know what it is

dear friend who teaches home maintenance for women

know what needs to be done

know how to talk to contractors

she talks about

you should go inspect your home

so you know what looks good or doesn’t

inspection for spring


podcasts on home maintenance

list of what kind of things need to be addressed

fix thing ourselves

contractors to come in and help

weekend warrior project to plan for that

everything in our house


need to be repaired and


here’s the other thing I heard you say


we don’t always do a great job of asking questions about how easy something will be to take care of, then we end up having it installed in my home

this is a pain in tush

satin finish paint

low VOC paint

all of the walls were painted matt flat finish

it shows a lot

why do all the builders use matt finish

they use it because it’s easy to touch up and show where the touch ups are



can’t scrub

forget about when looking at a

how easy is it to take care of

somebody specialty

very unique house


highly customized home

built back mid century

threw away the plans

where things are in the house

starting over

unique size

customer ordered

took a while to figure out the routine

maintain and make repairs

ask questions

I’ve only been able to do this workshop 1-2

greening your green home


what do you mean

is your house a gathering place

is it a sanctuary

kids coming over to play

different parts of

we’re hearing from a lot of the studies


home buying place

flexible spaces to serve multiple purposes

they all wanted a separate room for each thing

dining rooms

baby boomers

formal dining rooms

separate study a different task

game rooms

theater rooms

multipurpose spaces

dining room with a pool table

fine if you don’t eat

how are we going to use the house the best way

how much time do I want to spend on my home

I don’t’ want to work for it

keep it performing well

constantly nipping and tucking and doing things

low maintenance yard

native plants takes less time to maintain turf/lawn

low maintenance finishes

some surfaces

more upkeep

nature of the beast

my grandmother had silver we would spend hours polishing that stuff

the last time I know somebody

polishing it

how to do these things

think about

easy to understand stories

not a big technical thing about your home

there’s a lot of help out there

get overwhelmed

where o I start

find the people who ha e a sense of the same kind of life you do

not spend a lot of time on your home

have that kind

living green effortlessly

simple choices for a better home

marla esser cloos


barnes and noble

combined with my podcast to bring people understand their homes a bit more

biggest thing about green

what does green mean?

different to everyone

green and sustainability go hand in hand

home uses what it needs to use

serves us

practices and products that go into that

everything is on Green Home Coach

everything we have

online store


podcast – the Green Gab on all your podcast apps

archive is a great place to start

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