Cooking with Private Chef Marisa Franz | The Kitchen in Missoula | Enjoying your Organic Produce | Week 6

Week 6 | Friday | August 21, 2015

The Kitchen in Missoula, takes your culinary expectations to new heights. They provide awesome food at reasonable prices for events and weddings.

The Kitchen In Missoula

Private Chef Marisa Franz shares her cooking expertise with us about how to use the food you get in your CSA share, from the Farmer’s Market or what you grow in your own garden!

I was asking Marisa if she had any suggestions for omelettes or quiches or something because I have lots of eggs.


Having more then enough eggs then you know what to do with is a good problem. I have quite a few friends who have chickens, so we have eggs at our disposal. One great thing to make with eggs, and use up all the vegetables you have in your garden is to make a quiche!

You can do quiche 2 ways. You can do a crustless quiche which a lot of people I know do. You can use a cast iron skillet and do the quiche right in that and then kind of flip it out. Then you have no crust.

Or you can do a pie crust, just a basic pie crust recipe, which is

  • butter or shortening
  • flour
  • a little salt
  • a couple of TBS water, ice cold water or vodka

to help it stay close together. Vodka helps it stay flakier. So when you’re doing your pie crust, you can do it by hand, you can do it in the food processor, there’s a lot of different ways you can do it. But its really great if you have big smears of butter kind of in it. Then that helps it become this beautiful pie crust once it’s been baked.

Use your favorite pie crust recipe,  roll it out, put it in a pie dish and use either use beans, lay foil down and lay some dried beans or pie weights.

What kind of dry beans? Like pinto beans?

I happen to have a jar of black beans, that I use just for pies, because once you bake them you can’t really use them anymore.

Let me understand?

You have your pie crust, put your pie crust in it, put a piece of foil over it, and then put the beans in it to act as a weight. You do it only when you need to bake the crust by itself first. They have pie weights you can buy, but I’ve always used just dry beans.

What you wanna do is bake the pie crust off a little bit before you put the egg mixture in it. And I only bake it off about 20 minutes just to start on it, cause it’s gonna continue baking once you put the quiche in the oven. So 20 min at 400 degrees and while it’s in there you can make your quiche filling.

Two of my favorite kinds of quiches to make are:

Bacon, Goat Cheese, and Caramelized Onion Quiche

  • favorite pie crust
  • bacon
  • caramelized onions
  • eggs
  • dairy – whipped cream, half & half, almond milk
  • fresh herbs
  • chives or spring onions
  • goat cheese log

So you crisp up bacon, sprinkle it over the bottom of pie crust once it’s out, sprinkle caramelized onions over that as well, and then you can take however many eggs, I think 8 eggs works, and heavy whipping cream or half and half, or what ever dairy products you want to add in, I’ve even used almond milk before. Whatever fresh herbs you want to use and it would be really great to cut up some chives or spring onions in there too.

Then you just very and gently pour the egg mixture over the bacon and the caramelized onions. Then you can take a log of goat cheese and slice it up, and put slices of goat cheese over the top of the quiche or crumble with fingers over the top and put in oven to bake at 350 for 45 min to an hour until the middle of the quiche is firm. Then you take it out and let it cool off a bit. Then just cut it, slice it right like a pie you have this great little breakfast or lunch, it’s great to take to a party. Any time I host or go to a bridal shower or party, I always make a quiche or two.

Leftover Veggie Quiche

But what a great way to use up your leftover veggies that you don’t know what to do with you can take some cooked squash and put it in there, you can do onions, you can do tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, whatever you have on hand. You just chop it up,add a little bit of cheese, you can either add to egg and milk mixture or sprinkle the cheese on top it’s really just a matter of personal preference.

Soft Boiled Eggs

One of my favorite things is to soft boil eggs, which is in 6 min. Hard boil is probably 9 min. One thing which a lot of people don’t know is eggs make better hard boiled eggs the older they are. So if you have a chicken that has  just laid an egg this morning, that’s the worst egg you could possibly use to try to hard boil. It will taste fine, it’s just really hard to peel. You can combat that by putting a couple of drops of vinegar in the water as you boil it, or just use older eggs for hard boiled eggs, so just keep on hand older eggs and the oldest ones in your fridge are the ones to hard boil.

One of my favorite breakfast, very european, a hard/soft boiled egg with some meats and cheeses, like a little yogurt and fresh fruit!

A Continental breakfast if you will. Those are all great different ways to use eggs up!


They work out pretty well. Quiche is a great sort of a garbage dump of a dish,m cause anything tastes good in it! You can add leftover cooked chicken or turkey, or leftover sausage, and then mushrooms or whatever leftover vegetables you have left over from the night before.

I like quiche to take to pot lucks cause it’s easy to transport.

It’s really easy to transport especially if its already cooked at your house! The great thing about quiche is it’s definitely better hot or  warm, but it’s not too shabby cold either!

I was gonnna ask you about if you don’t have a crust, putting it in the cast iron skillet in the oven, you just put the skillet in the oven right?

Yeah, you put the cast iron skillet right in the oven.

Another great meal cooked from the garden with Marisa from the Kitchen in Missoula!

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