Episode 68: Starting Small | Jackie Beyer’s New Gardener Success Tips

Episode 68: Starting Small | Jackie Beyer’s New Gardener Success Tips


Here’s some tips I’ve learned over the years that I would like to offer to someone starting a garden from scratch.

If I started a garden from scratch this is what I would do.

BoatPlain BoatOfDirt
Build some raised beds in a sunny spot outside my kitchen.
I would build a compost bin as well.
Compost Bin
I would make my raised beds just high enough to sit on the edge comfortably.
My favorites are made out of 8″x6″ beams i think.
I would then fill the beds with the best dirt i could get my hands on.
Compost if i had it – made of grass clippings, lots of coffee grounds, eggshells, leftover fruit and produce, etc
Maybe some manure from chickens or sheep etc
Possibly some straw or leaves
I would build a trellis for the peas to climb
The seeds i would plant in the early spring would include:
Black seeded simpson lettuce
Lots of spinach to freeze
Maybe some arugula or spring mix
Possibly some radishes
Sugar snap peas**
I would buy some brocolli and tomato plants probably 1-2 cherries and a larger slicing tomato
IMG_2740 (1)
I might plant a zucchini or a squash as much for the flowers as for the veggies
IMG_2744 (1)
I like to cut my zukes when they r tiny and slice them on just about everything pasta, sandwiches, salads, but esp grilled cheese
I would plant lots of herbs- chives (mostly for looks) oregano, tarragon, rosemary, cilantro, mint, thyme
Possibly lots of basil but mostly basil for my window bc it freezes so easy
I would plant marigolds n nasturtiums
Butterfly flower
I would try to find someone with some raspberry starts i can transplant and build a 8×4 bed for them
If i could i would also try to find some strawberries to transplant.
I myself would stay away from pots. Pots dry out super fast so not only do they require a lot of attention they use more water I think.


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