Episode 91: GMO OMG! | Bring this movie to your town | with Carol Blake

Episode 91: GMO OMG! | Bring this movie to your town | with Carol Blake


GMO OMG director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? And perhaps the ultimate question, which Seifert tests himself: is it even possible to reject the food system currently in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back? These and other questions take Seifert on a journey from his family’s table to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and the lobby of agra-giant Monsanto, from which he is unceremoniously ejected. Along the way we gain insight into a question that is of growing concern to citizens the world over: what’s on your plate?”

Learn about the D.A.R.K (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act and how it affects the food you eat, what you can do about it and how to bring the movie GMO OMG! to your local theater.


March Against Monsanto Movement in May

We’re gonna have a showing at the Majestic Theater in Downtown Eureka, being sponsored by our local health food store.

GMO OMG! is a movie about a family that travels around the US  and talks to farmers and other entities about our food supply. It’s a young man and his wife and 2 kids. Very family friendly movie that is informative and well done.

We are lucky that our health food store is sponsoring it, and I would urge anybody to sponsor a movie in their town as well and have a public showing because they’res always strength in numbers. You can have questions and answers after that kind of thing. You might be able to live stream it? IDK. Its a good movie and highly recommended.

Oct is GMO awareness month so it’s perfectly timed. We have a publication in Montana that is put out in our Electric Company called Rural Montana. This month the subject of labeling GMO’s was addressed by our legislatures. We have 2 senators and only one Representative for our whole state. So both Rep Zinke and Sen Daines both Republicans. Monsanto claims that the GMO foods are natural, but because they have not studied this and are not farmers.

They do not understand the difference between natural hybridization which I’m sure all your listeners understand  and injecting a foreign gene into our food supply. That is clearly not natural! So because of that they are signing up to support a bill that is currently in front of Congress right now that prohibits states from labeling Frankenfoods. It’s a timely act they are pushing because Vermont last year had an initiative vote that approved the labeling of GMO foods. That’s the state that Bernie Sanders represents from Vermont. He’s very cutting edge, fighting very hard and what the dark forces are trying to do

Monsanto and the biotech industry and the Grocers Association and big food companies they are trying to stop the labeling of GMO’s. They have this act in front of Congress right now to do that. They have to get it approved before (July) 2016 when Vermont’s law goes into effect.

What’s interesting is both of Montana’s Senator and Representative who think that GMOs are a great idea, both tout states rights. So they believe that states should have the right to make whatever decisions they want but not so when it comes to our food supply and big money. Over 64 other countries require labeling of GMO’s, it costs hardly anything we label stuff all the time, or these countries ban GMO’s altogether.

Revolving door approach. The same administrators at FDA and EPA that require no long term testing or labeling of our foods, are actually former executives at monsanto.

So I am urging everyone to call their representatives in their own states to vote against the ridiculously and erroneously called the Safe and Accurate Food Labelling Act of 2015. It does no such thing.

We have one Senator who is a farmer, Senator Jon Tester who calls the bill the D.A.R.K. act, (Deny Americans the Right to Know) because it takes away states rights to label. Even though it sounds like they are favoring labeling but they are not and it’s just another way to confuse voters.


It’s really important this bill is percolating as we speak, and it’s going to be coming up for a vote shortly and we need to stop it. So maybe if we encourage everyone to see this movie GMO, OMG! would light a fire and get them to call their representatives. And tell them we are not gonna stand for it.

I wanted to push again one more time this fabulous book on the subject that should be read because it  would make everyones blood boil and push them to take action. Altered Genes Twisted Truth by an attorney named Steve Drucker, who has been fighting this fight for 20 years. And he explains how we got to this big mess in this country. I am hoping people will become more informed, thorough this movie and this book would be a great call to action.

So I just interviewed Tom Lampman out of Canada, and  he worked for the dairy industry for 10-20 years up and he talked about us and how it connects to our soil and land and I also talked to Bob Quinn who is also a farmer from Big Sandy where Jon Tester is from.  He has a PhD, is a scientist and he also talks about our food supply and he is visionary, he has great solutions! We can change this, it just takes learning a little bit, and knowing a little bit more and using your voice. Senator Tester wants to do this he can’t do it without public support.

If our senators want to stand up for the right thing, they need support, that’s part of Bernie Sanders Success is people are standing up behind him, he has this big momentum building. We have a right to know what’s in our food, people just want labels on it.

If people want to eat GMO’s fine. The fear for Monsanto is that people are not going to eat it, they don’t want to eat food that is altered. There’s nothing wrong with regular food.

It’s bad in 2 ways, not only do they inject these foreign genes, lots of times bacterias into the seeds that our food is grown from. They don’t know how that is affecting our genetic pool of human beings. They’re suspecting now that it is passing on by generation. So it not just alters the person eating the food but also the next generation. But then you also have the posion problem in that the foods are programed to be resistant to poisons main one is Glycosphate which has been called out by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a probable carcinogen.

Two reasons to oppose GMOS 1. eating genetically modified food also we are being. We don’t know what is going to do in the long run. And 2.  we are being subjected to poison 100s of times more poisons and there are no tests on that either. This has to end! The way it ends is by contacting your representatives and saying if they want your bote in the election next year, that they’re gonna have to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

That’s Bernie Sanders message too, even if he was going to make it to president, he needs to have the rest of Congress behind him to be able to get anything done and these bums getting bought off by these corporations have to go.

OK, I can say a couple of things. 1. There is a great organization called maplight.org where you can see where the money is coming from what lobbyists are giving them the most donations and things to what politicians.

The other thing is maybe you think I don’t eat corn is that it is in our feed lots and the cows are eating and the problems animals are having that are eating this grain and then Peggy Jane told us in episode 4 also if you are using manure that comes from these animals your garden is going to suffer and your plants may not grow.

Mike did tell me after 3 years its supposed to be out of their system? Trying to find manure or top soil where the animals aren’t eating “weed-free” hay and that means that the animals aren’t eating hay with pesticides.

Food Babe Vani Hari

Food Babe Vani Hari

Food Babe way, is changing the world and the way people are eating  because people are supporting her, Food Babe Army, got Chipolte to list their ingredients, Kraft to stop putting harmful dyes in their foods Her name is Vani Hari! IT’s the power of people standing together and it’s the greatest thing in America. 

A big problem we have is keeping people informed which the media is  not doing! As you said, manure is one of the big problems, because alfalfa is one of the latest crops approved to be genetically modified that’s why this is happening, it starts with the approval of alfalfa as a crop, they are lining up at the door with more products, there is no way you can get away from this unless something drastic happens!GMOFreeWorldwide

The other thing I’ve learned from this podcast is how many people are growing a lot of food, not just for their own families but with the CSA model etc. I saw this summer, I’ve had a lot on, or hopefully will come on soon is that we can go with a local system of feeding our families and schools, and we can get there. We don’t have to have the big agriculture, we’re not gonna all starve if big ag stops putting all the chemicals on our food. The solutions are all out there.


If anyone wants to connect on Facebook GMO-Free Eureka MT  … and we post a lot on thee, and our events are posted there.There will be another March Against Monsanto Movement next May  FoodJusticeMarch

It’s a great place for inspiration about how to have one in or own area or an event that you can attend.

And you can start your own Facebook Page about this.

Thanks for sharing with us today. One reason I asked Carol back is when she came back in May that episode has been downloaded about 800 times. If there is anything you want to know I put a survey up on the website and what we can do to you to serve you better, and what’s your biggest gardening challenge.


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