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We’re really happy becasue we have had 2 days of rain and hopefully we will have wildflowers in the next week or so.

Wow! well we are having a blizzard her in Montana today (Feb 17, 2018)

are in Arizona, we do a lot of traveling we appreciate being on your show, I think it will tie in that we do on big blend radio

based i Tuscon

eat sleep and work her and then travel a lot because we are quest to cover all 400 National Park units!

Big national parks

gateway communities smaller parks and public

Home in Tucson about to hit the road again!

I’m excited to hear about gardens in National Parks you were telling me about. You’re mother and daughter right?

Tell us a little about yourself.

Just in a nutshell

background is from LA area

Nancy gave birth to me and right after that she gave birth to an organic garden with goats!

Lisa is allergic to just about everything ever invented!

nothing was working

time to get goats! 

She could have goat milk and not cow milk and organic veggies!

Do you want to tell us about your first garden experiences? Are you from L.A. too?

Yes, I am

my frist experienc would be with my grandmother who had a victory garden

living infirst one house forever

garden at the back

as soon as we visited her we ended up in the garden

naturally an organic gardner

She never used any sprays

She used beer

Like slugs and stuff. I remember my parents putting beer out. 

that’s how it was

that seems to work


loved her beer.

How about you Lisa?

a little different

born about a year and a half old. 

Nancy worked for Joy Adamson the movie with the lions

Born Free

We went to work with Joy in kenya

the two of us went across the ocean

to Africa

be my first gardening experiences

learning how to herd cattle, they were growing vegetables. 

Joy got murdered

We lived in a village called Karen after Karen Blitzen


Out of Africa

Kenya and Nairobi

just evolved from there. Always had a garden as a young child. big fascinations

My friend Eve went to work with Joy Adamson, but she never got to work with them, she ended up working for the UN for the Environmental Fund I think.

We’re not really gonna talk about your garden because you’ve been traveling so much but your gonna share about your show and travels etc right? 

always have to have plants


We live on the edge of a riparian area

see the monsoon rains

  • get into the garden
  • either or
  • traveling

going to different national parks we realize people should garden we are reclaiming the soil

  • beautification
  • backyard gardens
  • National Parks which are gardens



Siyeh Pass Summer 2016


Glacier National Park is just one big mountain garden!

wild flowers

we will see things like the suer cactus

see the whole cycle happen

some of them you get to see individual gardens

The very first park we went to on the tour was

Cabrillo the lighthouse keepers garden

show notes continued ASAP!


when the lighthouse

live in lighthouse keeper

man and his family

on the coast

had his own garden to feed his family

nice coastal garden

san diego

up on a little craggy cliff

veggies are right there

I would live there

intersting to see

not only did they grow crops




medicinal herbs

healed themselves as well

heritage gardens

national historical park

old mission

one Betista

national historic trail


father of font

from Spain


took 200 people on foot from Mexico to


when our country


first place

over the border


two beck

tucson and the border of Mexico now


of culture

native americans





culmination of


tortilla made

indian fry bread

tortilla came in from Spain in Mexico

grew things like quince

native plants

old roses


Quincy apples

garden in historical parks

root stalk from way back then


o see it now is amazing

genetically engineered

when you go to these places

being in the

snag the rangers if were lucky and et them on the side

trail near and dear to my heart


200 people went on foot through the desert

Alta California still under Mexico rule

no one died

one person died during childbirth at the beginning of the trail

this was t

when you go into these places

step into gardens

what it was like

this amazing expedition

parks and

demonstrations gardens

one of the oldest state park in AZ

demonstration garden of native plants

up a little bit

techasho peak

poppies in the spring

uma AZ

where the heritage

banks of the CO river where they cross over

east and west wetlands

incredible eye sore

landfill dump


colorado river

49 agencies





49 agenceies

you know how it is

came together restored this area

taken out the invasive

where the land

hummingbird garden

all native plants

AZ and desert plants

birds everywhere

solar garden for people to learn about

amazing place

east wetlands

beaver came back

cleaned up the area


recreate and fun

homeless people

helped a community come back together

beautiful garden

a whole day walking




picnic tables


largest playground in AZ

interactive playground can do


place e

actually its interesting native plants

here we are outside

national park

at least do it organic

don’t’ put pastichedes

can affect the waterways

more you go into national parks

pristine they are

everything is abundant


all on one flowers

its amazing

thriving ecosystem


native plants

bees are going to float over

don’t want them taking your chemicals and polluting the park

one of the biggest problems



bringing in these seeds

walking around our gardens

other parks and places

your tires can bring it in

invasive species

park ranger on the show the other day

if we go into the caves

without cleaning our shoes

fungus that can affect a certain bat species


cactus national monument


small historic


railroad community

mine might come in

community is left there



you can see this

community mind blowing

so pretty

one of the things I’ve noticed

lived in the states






south Africa


all those countries I’ve learned about gardening

home gardener

you do not need these insecticides

if you are planting rows and rows of monoculture

huge rows


used to be a

crop for peanuts

can’t plant them at all

white fly come in

when you use monoculture farming ideas

home gardener have mostly native plants

same kind of vegetables

wont get the pests

birds take care of it

every country

home lethal

birds and a little bit of beer


we were amazed

advocate native plants


national wildlife habitat

grow their own vegetables

community gardens

community farms

works together to eat

national park

you know

that barrier isn’t there

now your entering the park



takes a couple of years

just like any plant

once it’s stabilized

withstand a doubt more then a

national wildlife

garden for wildlife

type in your zip code

box stores

urge against using them

box store

you will lose money

someone is into plants

knows those plants and they will

thousands of plants

this is this kind of desert

this one cactus grows everywhere

going into a park

wildlife refuge


that’s what you should be growing

native plant society


seeds too sometimes easier

make sure it goes with your zip code

other ornamentals not so much

native plant n

there is a difference


manages to grow in your area

native plant has always been in your area

settles in quicker

one thing I would like to say

native plants

thinking they do not water

need to become established

6 months to 2 years

will ring home native plants and not water

need to give them water

get to water them less

when you buy them and plant them at the time



one thing people don’t have luck with native plants

haven’t watered

definitely go and look at some botanical gardens

native plant display

try and look for those


national wildlife federation

list of gardens you can go do


native plant societies

awesome work

more we connect with hem

insects and birds that help keep your gardens healthy

right kind of insects

birds to help you out

you can buy butterfly bush if you want butterflies in your garden

not natives

doesn’t give them any place to lay eggs

need butterflies to help pollinate

might do one thing

not doing the benefit

give nectar

good insects

provide shelter

places for the young




birds can go play in a puddle

drink that bird

then it dies


bumps and weird diseases and thing

more we plant of native plants

less seed we need to put out


worried about half of you

wear a lot of bird seed ends up going


take it underground

food source for them

having ants

a lot of ants

bird seed


birds need clean water sources

some places have too much water

interesting too

native plants

watch the cycles

what looks dead to us

birds are picking open

old fruit from cactus

pic warthogs of the desert

eat cactus

big bit out of it how they get their water

every body gets a little

we get the beauty

you can still have your garden as well


native flowers native plants

good to mix them up

mix your flowers in with your

there’s a lot of alliums that are native plants

theres a wildlife refuge

Buenes ares

good air

here comes the lands

largest grasslands in the area


the good in the bad

ranch cattle

area that he shouldn’t native plants

certain areas

over abundance

ecosystem got turned off

not native to the country


117k square acres

riparian areas

ring-tailed cats

mountains lions

bighorn sheep

pronghorn back

story of the

a little bit of water

native plants

burning the old out

mind blowing

park ranges


plants you can recognize

ancestors of the plants we grow for food

blue dicks

garlic and chives and onions

native americans used to eat them

look at native american gardens

learn so much

of what we can grow

pallet to different plants

get information


history has been passed on orally

how people got split up


moved here and

reclaim their history and heritage

native americans

working together

reclaim their language

and traditions in place for future generations

getting rid of the dead zones

one of the things we didn’t mention

to the success

test your soil

see what kind of soil of you have if it’s missing something

soil around your home

houses that


your success as a gardener

something that needs to be added to a soil

get your soil tested in different parts


get kids in evolved

understand science and nature

everybody needs

nothing like the practical experience

in those places

feel the history

remember this date

every bodies into selfies

photograph a plant or bug

look up the relationship

if they don’t have this one yucca plant

that entire butterfly species

which means this bird species

go out take a photograph of a plant you don’t know

that plant in its natural


replace a plant with another plant that doesn’t belong there

food or shelter


standing rock


we actually did

labor day weekend

labor day we ended up doing a show with cody hall

red warrior camp

called in

right after they released the dogs on the people that had found the ancestral remains

you shouldn’t be touching this land

easement area

brought the bull dozers

their camp

interviewed him


being this big black snake

understanding again m the attachment to water

or the ground

they we’ve done a lot of follow


cody took her out there

threw the

so many people still growing through it

can’t remember their name right now

garden gossip

want to look at what’s going

home end garden show

whatever out


we have 2 magazine

big blend radio and tv


home and garden








big blend

social media

to keep up with our national park

parks and travel magazine


completely free

national park



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