RAW 307. Cannabis Cultivator: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Marijuana | Jeff Ditchfield | Jamaica

Cannabis Cultivator- A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing MarijuanaCannabis Cultivator: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Marijuana

1. Tell us a little about yourself.


60 years old this year

been here researching cannabis and various aspects

in Spain and the UK

I have an active profiles


I was arrested in the UK

My name is Jeff Ditchfield

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

I think my earliest memory


partly 6-7

ooh that’s interesting

35 years later

cannabis seeds

didn’t have a great deal of cultivation experience

find the whole aspect of cannabis fascinating

different varieties

5000 varieties

different rations

whole subject fascinating

amazed me about the cannabis plant

little chemical factories

grow them

end up with this great plant material



Medical Cannabis Guidebook by Jeff Ditchfield https://amzn.to/3asos6E

It’s like I discuss book

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide To Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana

step-by-step guides

certainly on the cultivations side

big arguments


organically grown cannabis

very much

right or wrong

why the person is cultivating


small apartment

room for  a large organic grow

small confined space


only choice

weed can be grown well hydroponically

organically grown weed

no chemicals

here in jamaica



whole new aspect

great thing about Jamaica

we can grow all year round

near the equator

grow very day of the year

having grown in the uk



new set of challenges

pests can be quite a problem

growing outdoors

researching as well

plant insect repellent based on turbines


medicinal aspects

new products

produce a b

depends on where you are in the world

there seem to be quite a few ex brits



huge barrier

relocate to jamaica

moving to another country

become part of the society

Jamaica test 3 years ago

this year applying for residence

yes mainly

aphids and spider mites

deal without pesticides

growing down here in Jamaica

five classes of license

if you want to have a business

apply for a cultivation license

to open a dispensary

very good system

one step further

each household is permitted up to 5 cannabis plants for their own use

ourselves for our personal

My first book was cannabis cultivator

simple introduction

cultivating cannabis for your own use

medical cannabis guidebook

different methods of

what illnesses

section on cancer and anti-cannabis properties

starting is to have good plant material

simple process

sound complicated

called weed because it grows like weed


sounds a bit hippyish

that’s the way I’ll just sit amongst plants surfing the web and just be around them

join a good growing or cultivation forum

on the web anywhere

one I always recommend

UK 420.com

one of the oldest cultivation forums there is going over 20 years now

people have been growing for many years and new people who learn how to grow

very much depends on what your growing environment

grow 5 plants in your garden

Saudi Arabia

other countries

likely lose your life for cultivating

grow indoors

grow outdoors

same process

germination period

small plants you are growing from seed or cuttings

later stronger


female buds

start with personal choice

some people choose not to eat meat

what we all consume and take into our bodies

hydroponically grown weed

when I grew my first cannabis plant in 2000

he suffers from MS

trying to obtain robbed at knife point

looking for some weed, her regular dealer had been arrested who she had known for years

going around Liverpool looking for some

in a pub in Liverpool, guy said yeah I have some weed

holding her throat

didn’t even report

this is what a truck me all those years ago

obtain cannabis under a system of

victim of cannabis prohibition

it’s a plant

it’s called weed

how hard can it be to grow

that’s when I started growing my first cannabis plants

in 6 months

keep her supplied for a year

she was involved with the MS society in Liverpool

your looking good

she had  a new source of cannabis

20 of her friends that were suffering

there was too much of a demand

taught to teach people to be self sufficient

right a simple guide

people can educate themselves

make their own cannabis

what they’re taking

its important more and more people

certainly the medicinal side

we all have a


well for me it’s always been important

to challenge the law

that’s why I’ve been arrested over 20 times

been to crown court

outside the houses

cannabis oil in attempt to give it to the parents of a dying child

dropped all that


stop wasting their time arresting me

in court

the houses of parliament

heavily policed buildings

debating cannabis laws

when I was outside

for being possession

every week I am contacted by parents

terminal cancer



government can’t help them

resort to becoming criminals

that should be the case

another reason I fight so hard to end the prohibition

parents to email me

risk up to 14


growing them

yes in my medical cannabis guidebook

step by step guides

making cannabis

trying to treat

if you are trying to treat concentrate

cannabis oil


plant materials

adding to a solvent

concentrating by

thick oil

sure a lot of people

if they haven’t seen in dispensaries

extracts as well

main area of interest

future lies

press in the US regarding

vape pens


effective method


health scares in the US


cooked with

other additives

can only

a big problem the federal government has

the UN Conventions

do to

every country is a signatory


Dawes act

it’s very hard to change something at the UN level


not going to happen

this is why you can have in the US

at state level not signatories

federal regulations

working within the conventions

any activities which are deemed to be legal can be legalized through a regulated system

pushing here in Jamaica

cannabis authority

apply for a licenses

now in Jamaica

legal system for 3 years

I went to the opening of a new dispensary


had a bar

with a red stripe with your joint

have the little restaurant as well get a nice pizza

theres a problem with pertains g cannabis products

credit cards

you can’t buy weed with a credit card or debit card

put an ATM machine in the dispensary

take get

a problem around the world

international convention


money laundering regulations

legit legal business

can’t accept credit

Getting to the Root of Things: AKA the Lightning Round (quick questions and answers)

  1. Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

the whole cycle I dislike

it’s means to an end

I want to produce the best buds

make the best extractions

over the years I’ve come to see the actual cultivation process as a means to an end

used to years ago

areas of interest

other areas

more interested in now

different strains

ratios of cannabinoids

everybody wants cannabis



huge difference between

they do’t and that’s again a lack of education due to prohibition give people enough information

because of the laws

illegal to encourage drug use

how do you educate someone

without it being deemed as encouraging

writing style

stay on the right side of the law

disclaimer it’s for educational purposes

not encouraging anyone

author out of prison

we all know why we are writing and passing info

empower people to make an informed decisions


want for a better phrase

so much more expensive

deemed at the black market



buy a quarter for $10

an element of profiteering

protect their market

prices to be reduced

is that the dispensary market

aimed at tourists


can’t afford to buy

can grow 5 plants at home

buy without

isn’t an issue here



a poor

in Malaysia

appealing against a death sentence

two lbs of weed


cultivating more then a kilo of weed for people who have cancer

death sentences


the thing out here is

because it’s 28

we’re not restricted to one

because we’re near the equator


dark about 6 o’clock at

light again

anyone who has grown cannabis


life cycle

we have to supplement a couple of hours of artificial

stop them going into flower

not much of a problem

our 5 plants can grow all year round

auto varieties



found with my research over the last year

dense buds


high humidity

leeds to root rot?

high nineties

final stages of flower

when I first grew my first cannabis plants 20 years ago

I grew from seeds

5000 individual varieties

differences between alcohol

a some overproof rum

in effect



activity ingredient


alcohol by volume


good idea of what that’s gonna be like

totally different

that’s what got me thinking

different varieties

strains 5000 varieties more

all the composition is different

anything which has a huge variety

jack russell

all dogs

people have to stop thinking about weed or cannabis


make that plant so special


what other cannabinoids


each verity

three and five hundred chemical compounds

there’s a huge difference between a durban poison

strain from Nepal

whole aspect totally fascinating

main different types





bogged down in the detail

for every question I get the answer to

try to find the answer to

fascinating about

I think it depends on where you are in the world

if you are growing indoors

doesn’t matter where you are you are creating an artificial environment

full of indoors


it’s very different depending on where you are in the world

when I am growing in Spain

one growing period

plant our plants out in feb or march

cultivate all year

crop them in Spain

variety and strain

such a long growing period

heights of 2-3 meters

2-3 kilos per plant

more of them

all year

its very difficult

standard system for growing outdoors

easier to grow indoors

challenges of outdoors

here in jamaica


5-6 lbs to get

in spain

out here

because e don’t have a long growing period

don’t grow them as big

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?

many years ago when I started getting contacted by people who have terminal cancer

children with terminal cancer

it became obvious to me

asking me

no one had the answers that used to bother me

many years talking to


laughed at me

that’s his life

many questions he knows the answers to


drive to find these answers

disease if you like


explains that their child is seriously ill

what is the best combination of cannabinoids

what should I give them

answer that I had to research

and this is why I am still researching


can be very effective


medicine for a child having a seizure

THCA in it’s pure form

it’s illegal to grow the cannabis


once you have it it’s not illegal to possess

be an expert on every law that you break

studying cannabis and it’s application

what I do here is legal

in Spain it’s decriminalized

in UK


see me engaging

look at my website Jeff difchfield


court cases throughout the uk

I’m a reluctant criminal

I do not want to break the law

parents ask, can I help, can I

only thing that stops me would be the fear of the law

that law doesn’t deserve respect

legal to keep a slave

it was right

there would be no need

use it as they saw fit

setting slaves free

I would be deemed a criminal for that

on charges for theft

how thorough time we can look back on antiquated laws

not going to be that long off

something that shouldn’t have been against the law

children alive today

if I hadn’t

  1. What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?


try something new

learn from what doesn’t work, helps you to produce better systems

experimentation that I really like

my number one guinea pig

try it out on myself

latest thing




farmilogical  effect


side effects

only just scratched the surface

fantastic tool

I feel like as I go through my questions you just drop amazing golden seeds and inspiration

  1. Is there a favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be?

I would say my favorite piece of kit is my volcano vaporizer that is the vaporizer

borthz and style

shaped like a volcano

put extract in there, inflates a bag

favorite pice

pretty close

more and more people seem to be moving away from smoking


smoking and

when you’re smoking you have the act of combustion

when it comes to vaporizing

no smoke so you create a vapor temperature

in a good quietly vaporizer

temp control

150º entergrade

control which cannabinoids  your gonna get

that’s something some people should look into

appear that I’m trying to plug my blog

explaining the science behind it,

smoke less

vape more

vaporization is a very effective method of in

vaping and inhaling very effective for controlling your pain


effective method of admin


go ahead and plug your blog

let me come back

more then happy too!

any questions!

raised by todays chat!

its another reason I see myself more Jamaican

do not have a criminal record

cannabis offenses when they legalized it only

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