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So listeners I’m putting this RAW episode out today. NO edits. Nothing, so I hope that’s ok. I will edit it asap, but I thought it was much too valuable not to share

And then here’s today’s RAW right off the mic interview with the amazing visionary Jennifer Ebeling  host of the Still Growing Podcast and 6’mamma website!



Jennifer Ebeling Podcast Host and Garden Blogger

Still Growing Podcast

I had such a funny way of starting. I have a little background in radio and tv, tv station inside the high school

classes in tv

mid 80s especially in a small town in Minnesota

public access channel

in the high school

learned how to edit, so key, audio video work. having that experience with pretty decent tech, playback engineer at my local radio station


from that experience I really didn’t do much more in broadcasting. when I stayed home to take care of my kids, while I liked blogging, I didn’t have that instant connection to it, I didn’t feel the same passion as I did

he was actually going

voracious reader 30 magazine subscriptions , magazines and books, all kinds of stuff, an article in Better Homes and Garden 50 apps that will make your life easier I went all apple in 2012, iPad, iPhone I loved the integration that if offered when I started to have all these apple products I was going through apps looking for one or two new that might catch my attention at the end of the article

stitcher of course one of the first things I looked up was gardening I started listening, the minute I started listening I knew I could do this I knew I could put together

there are not that many gardening podcasts. Day one I sat down ordered by day 3 I was reaching out to guests

I gotta go,

I was blown away because it really is the equivalent of having your own media company put together a blog or website or anything like that we all have such a tremendous ability people are so generous with their time and their expertise and when you reach out and someone is willing to share all of their information it helps me grow and learn

i have 4 kids and I stay home with them, be involved in traditionally move them into adult would love to get set mourned and meet with people face to face by intervening guests on my show I can still be here


moment’s notice running someone to a basketball game or orthodontist

operating out of my home now, great medium folks

Still Growing Podcast which is “dedicated to helping you and your garden grow”.

And, on her amazing site where she blogs and has so much incredible information! I’m so jealous it looks so professional!

and on her home page there’s the perfect solution to exactly what I’ve been thinking and it’s not even August but I’m already about burnt out and super frustrated over some things or maybe just feeling totally overwhelmed. And she gave me this big energizing pep talk! You’ve got to check it out.

6 foot mamma

4 kids with the four of them, battle stations. Suburb, maple grove NW suburb …

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am, I’m 6 feet tall, this goes back to my blog. I was just gonna be blogging about raising the kids and cooking and decorating and all the things I love to do. What’s something someone would say about me after meeting me

I know people will say she’s really tall

I taught piano

I have lessons with the 6foot mamma

way back when

lowered the amount for people to get vanity plates to $100

If I have to go to a minivan

kids baby seats so hard to get to

if I have to suffer and get a minivan

that was the name of my blog

it’s the number 6ft mama

still my license plate

name of my website

furious activity in 7 days

what am I gonna cal this gardening show

you can be

i think about gardeners always feel somewhat inadequate

there’s no way we can know everything

about plant physiology

continuous learning process

what to call the show

still growing

pun on the fact that I’m tall

that’s why my blog is called 6 foot

podcaster masterminds

fellow women podcasting all over the world


canada – fertility

Virginia – fashion and tech

north Carolina faith

financial karma

As breastfeeding podcast

when I’m speaking with all of them with all the different kind of things

sharing your passion for your particular medium

gardening all these very topic

with the first group

my first mastermind

I was in a paid mastermind


once we had started to connect after the paid experience was over

created that group

one more mastermind experience

add on to the experience I already had

that’s a group I put together

I love them both


when you’re putting together any content creation

financial health

by yourself

great if you can get together

once a week

here’s what I’m struggling with or I’m trying

might be having

workflows and processes

that make it run

I know about it

I used to listen to Entrepreneur On Fire when it started

we would listen to that on the way to school

they could imitate them

john does…

after a while

ton of benefit


I actually grew up in SW Minnesota

north of Iowa border

east of S Dakota

first real gardening experience

we bought our first home. we were 24 years old

basically planted a lot of shrubs and trees

worked with a designer


80 foot retaining wall vowed we’d never do again

my parents bought that house

we did a good job

it was well worth the time

researching what plants we were gonna put in

I wanted to be an ornamental gardener

covered in landscape rock

I longed for good soil

being able to plant ornamentals

what I did when

moved up here to lovely Maple Grove

had some neighbor boys who’s parents owned a nursery

brand new development is basically backfill

first garden is probably the nicest garden from a soil standpoint

still to this day to plant in that garden bed

that’s how we got started

first home experience

slowly but surly

most gardeners do

start to have gardens that go all around the house

it’s all to of work

my grandmother in Iowa had a huge gardener

I remember picking strawberries with her

my other grandmother had peonies and standing by those peonies

she wasn’t really gardening

I actually have those  peonies

my grandfather in those peonies

dug up and moved heirloom peonies

meaning to our family

standard red

meaningful  s

not too spectacular

good drainage

key to so many plants

plant them pretty high

one thing I do

when I transplant

go pretty wide

dig up as much of the root mass


wash off the top of the plant

eyes and crown


don’t bury too deeply

see that crown

just bought

plant this thing high

bury the plant

think about planting trees

you want to see t

hat root flare

top of that plant

where the plant connects to the root

when I’m talking about the eyes of the plant

if you bury them too deeply

they can’t see the sun

they won’t bloom

it can be because you’re


don’t like to

same principle with trees

kind of mound it up

want to be able to see the sun

where the plant mass is meeting the root ball

exposed to see things

leave matter to protect it

Minnesota it gets cold here

all I do

don’t cut peonies until spring

cut old material

leave about 2-3 inches

new peonies

doing clean up

wrenching on that old plant material

new growth

spring doing peony clean up

fine to have some old root matter

better off

then the people who want their garden to be perfect


don’t divide peonies, never encourage to do that


best time to do it when you have a shovel in your hand

probably do it in the fall

things that get in the way

you have all these great intentions

perfect time

when it works for you

make sure you read up about how to plant these things

best result possible

can be made better for you

don’t plant them where the

I have some wet areas

boggy conditions

perfect that’s what I’m planting

queen of the prairie

any type of willow

little more cautious

don’t know much about a plant

good drainage

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

How did you learn how to garden organically?

I attribute so much of what I learned from listening to gardening podcast

tell people at the top of almost every show

that I hope they’re learning from

my favorites

away to garden with Margaret roach

you bet your garden with Mike McGrath

gardening with Angelo

nursery owner operator


awareness of what people are concerned about in the now

thinking and wanting

appreciated about his particular podcast

a lot of gardening podcasts

what I do in my garden

great time to listen

when your

I always assume their in a happy place

their doing laundry



can’t be having a conversation with someone else

mentally taxing

solitary mindless activity


year ago from a woman

see her mom in hospice

I wanted to thank you for having a two hour show and the drive to see my mom

it’s a great distraction that was a reset for me

something happy doesn’t mean your listener is in a happier spot

quality information

giving them a break

life in a tough place

that part continues to stick with me

think about

theres no 2 gardens the same

how you operate

my show has evolved over time

primarily interview

long format

majority of gardening shows are shorter

syndicated NPR

rules around length

independent podcaster

first thought

it has to be longer

Margaret roaches

away to garden

wish you would have asked

started interviewing

thorough conversations

subject matter expert in

longer format show

that part for me is great

for myself

I get that satisfaction

shorter conversation doesn’t give you

my particular gardening show

usually have my kids come in and read some garden poetry

easter egg at the end of the show


listener community

Facebook group for listeners of the show

ask questions of me

same time only place I go to pick winners

guests are in the group

questions where they’ve asked

speak with the guest

curate the content


garden news roundup

curating good gardening articles

look through 100 sources of horticulture and gardening news online and in print

do this update as part of my show

no need to take notes

track down

curator for the people who are in that group that’s the unique thing

I don’t think


pulling it together in a podcast

hyper focused

news round up

essentially garden news round up

verify is this a true story

that’s what I‘m doing

shows about

solo episodes

basil over the summer

very popular how easy it is to propagate basil

people love basil

here are my little basil cuttings

in that regard my show

written a book

subject matter experts

that’s the show

listener community

mention Jon Moore

Tell us about something that grew well this year.

Right now I’m battling Japanese beetles, July 27th hot topic… baits attract the beetles

try to take care of them



put those baits to try to drive them


article your gonna attract  4 times as many



green beans

willow tree

that’s the thing I’m dealing with

great Amazonia spring

spring flowering shrub experience

joe pie weed


huge perennial very tall

about 6 feet tall

huge plumpish seed head

gorgeous in bouquets

think about it like mint

cut plants

native interesting leaves come together

make a little cup

leaves are like a stem comes out of the middle of the leaves

make this cup

any type of rain or water

finches love to drink from this cup pant special meaning to native americans

buy a lot of plants of plants

cut plant is a little like joe pie weed

turn into a crop in no time


joe pye weed….


love really tall one

only need to buy one or two

love lovage

salary family

gets to be about 8 feet tall

students gardeners

stump them sometimes


that smell s like


out of context out

these are gardeners that are kids in my community that help me in my garden in exchange fro that they learn about gardening

go to work for the local nurseries

planting to harvesting

irrigation they fight the most

fountain repair

wicker furniture

done here


high school have to be able to drive

work in short bursts

having kids help you in the garden

way I do it is different

people what kids

feel like the kids do the great job

a kid

have them weed for hours on end

nobodies gonna do that

kids work together


4-6 pair them off in teams of two

work in 15 minute increments

this activity


apple watch is dangling every fifteen minutes

I’m out there with them

coolest things I have them do

every session together

for Th. last ten minutes

go through with their phone

take pics of the garden

the work they did

made or created

bonus they come back

if each have taken 25 to 30 pics

do an airdrop on to my phone

close to 200 pictures

so helpful

I’m not in my garden half of the year

can’t remember

what it looked like in august

not working

maybe I forgot to take a wide shot

perspective of the whole garden

4-6 perspectives you see your garden in a new way

new friend who’s never seen your gardener see your garden in your eyes

in the spring they might come for 10 hours

how much


doing it for volunteer hours for church

$100 ten hours of work let’s see what we get done

helps me

limited time to get out there

many hands make light work


something else

any time your gonna work with kids

their lives are so much more complicated

places to be

many cases they have other jobs to work around

could use a couple of hours

bring your friends

tell me I can pop over at noon

you don’t want to work when it’s cooler we’ll work at noon

not gonna be out there

you can get a lot done

hiring anyone

or an adult

they’re at the same productivity level

after an hour


fatigued doing the same thing over and over again


same thing

weed in your garden

thrilled to do that

hours and hours on end

small crew

have em come for 2 hours a week

be done with it

weeding is really not my thing

weeding to be relaxing

live and let live kind of gardener

weeds can be in this area


address that

definitely the bulk of their time when their with me



repairing fontinas

little projects we want to try


more of the things

when I’m working with my student gardeners

not the bulk of the time

when their trying to get kids to help

primarily reason want help with weeds

young people are capable of so much more

drip irrigation

help repair

get online to read about

a pump of

lighting system…

a big dog

my kids help me in the garden

not their job

jobs that they do

never wanted my passion their job

want them

if they’re gonna like it

they have somebody here that we can help

each of my children

we’ve done in the garden together

oldest is my lawnmower

weed wip

daughter is through thoughtful

mile a minute

not emma

harvest and make pesto together

making money

younger two boys

Jonnie is my spring planter


pj just likes to be among the flowers

carry and do things

interested in any of it

makes me happy

basketball makes him happy

same way I thought about piano

taught piano lessons for 20 years.

never forced my kids to take piano lessons


forced to play piano

don’t want to piano

just because I garden and have a garden podcast


when your moms’ a garden


if your mom has a clear passion

express your love for them

of course were gonna buy her a plant or get her a gift certificate

love it if some of them would have a garden

not for everyone


other thing i

they do appreciate where food comes from

wouldn’t maybe have that direct experience

seeing me helping

makes a difference

learning even though they


producing a podcast

every week

I probably listen to a new show over 20 times

the first couple of times I’m preparing stuff for my editor

second editing process

high quality as possible

who’s sitting beside me

often in the car

of course the kids

whether they want to or not

gardening too

applying it

Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?


Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season.


Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden.

I don’t like to be uncomfortable in the garden

a vertex garden rocker

to sit on


get to what I need to

on my ground and hands and knees

when the bugs get bad

mosquitos and pests

are not good flyers

blowing air on you

big umbrella

make myself as comfortable in the garden while I’m working

difference between going out there and

see it a lot too in school yard gardens

expose kids to gardens


kids want to be comfortable too


more pleasurable experience for them

i don’t being sitting on the ground

not gonna want to do it

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden.

sit on my porch and drink a glass

respond to email

read something

enjoy my garden

right in front of my porch

out door living room

shame on any gardener doesn’t any time enjoying it

I’ve done that as well

2009 killed myself

i was in a garden tour

married again receiving line

filing through


I had worked so hard to make that garden look as good as I possibly

over done it

I was done it

I don’t want to be out there

I didn’t I look back on 2010 there are very few picture s on t

if we don’t meter our time a little bit

student gardeners have really helped me]

I can not have a marathon

thought subject

have the


can’t be in my garden to the point of exhaustion

flying around on the weekends

absolutely no sin in the garden

ashamed to say they’re getting help

hired it to put pond in


we are all busy

finite energy

one body

hurting yourself out there over doing it

losing site of why we garden i

sit on my porch and open my package

sit and be amongst the flowers


why not doing it there

bring me joy around me

What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

I can’t remember who told me this

I thin about it every time I have a plant failure

take a clue it wasn’t happy there

don’t keep replanting it in that space

it might be the space

parents had a regalia that failed

buy a new agile

wanted a regal there

finally I’m like

Mom it’s not growing there it doesn’t like that spot

talking to here

I remember hearing that

ok, thank you mother nature…

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be.

The dig git is probably still one of my favorite tools, I probably have 8 digits keeping track of my inventory

Love that garden tool! It’s great because it’s powerful

galvanized steel


got this thought that it makes

tip is sharp

cutting weeds

handle is


probably that tools

vortex rocker

available at Loews

cover for it

love that it’s a garden rocker

turtle shell

place where you put the rocker

high heel

pressure on one little point


tight spot to garden

seat can be adjusted


lean forward tip yourself off of that thing

probably do it in front of us

once a summer

fall off of the garden rocker


just is the way it is

I don’t fall off it

I’m never

this is like 5 levels up

from sitting on a bucket

seat is like a tractor shaped

probably 5 of them

by the basketball hoop on the driveway

son who has a lawnmower

create a human who’s kind of mechanic

car or lawnmower

gaden rocker

hes 6-8


A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

OMGosh I have a recipe for pesto

I shared in my basil maniac

glory pesto recipe

you want to drop to your knees and thank the lord for basil its so delicious


for me it’s my go to recipe

seat of my pants

in that episode

talk about how I made it with spaghetti or angel hair pasta

fantastic cold

pine nuts

olive oil


live near a place

love that olive oil specialty store


spoiled like that

using that olive oil


at the beginning don’t over process it

salt to taste

no butter

another little secret that I learned

basil mania episode

if you add a little lemon juice to your pesto help it maintain color

vibrant green color

when you first create it

not attractive green color

M*A*S*H green

lemon juice in your pesto

doesn’t do much to the flavor

don’t forget were getting into that time of year…

A favorite internet resource?

personally Mike McGrath you bet your garden A-Z

probably my go to

family members or friends about common issues

made it so easy


proven advice

A favorite reading material-book, mag, blog/website etc you can recommend?

Voracious magazine reader online and print

Garden Design Magazine online and print

Not necessarily purely

Better homes and gardens cover to cover


Joanna gains

love that magazine quarterly

photography tips are great


If you have a business to you have any advice for our listeners about how to sell extra produce or get started in the industry?

none things I can tell you

this sept I’ll be hosting 2 separate master minds for people in the gardening




starting in sept

hosting for horticulture professionals

nursery owner operators

facilitated by me – meet once a week – an element of training built in

other paid


so much info and they tell you something that might be a solution

don’t tell you about how to make that happen

especially if we are talking to tech or different resources

something that I’m launching

great resource

so helpful

a game changer if you are a business owner operator group of folks to grow and learn get things done

hold you accountable



expand your network


great way where you feel like the support and benefit of like minded people that have your back

start that this fall

two masterminds myself

need to get accomplished

Final question-

if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

Well, I guess, I keep it really simple, I tell people to try to live in harmony with nature

listen to mother nature

new gardener frustration

all or nothing attitude about something that did or didn’t work in their garden

25ht year of gardening

encourage people to relax a little bit

conjunction with what your garden’s telling you

why it’s happening

show that i did this time last year

robert co

understanding roots

roots of trees grow

far past the canopy

expand your knowledge base

happening the way that they are

work with that fighting it

gibing up


people changing behavior

working with mother

Do you have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?

every week I do quotable on my show

theres a quotable

coming to mind

do loe

cantaloupe let us

How do we connect with you?

website is 6footmama.com

get there you will be able to

Facebook group

listener community for the show

still growing gardening podcast



overcast are my two favorite apps

player on overcast

easy to use

searching for a show on stitcher

once i find a show

couple of app tips


work with me – application process

good fit putting a family together…

working on it right now

investment not cheap

not exorbitant

DEFINITELY TAKE PRICE OUT… gonna be a 3 month group

meet in jan 6 month group

$5-600 3-6months in length

meeting weekly an hour a week

start in sept

Still growing podcast